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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Celestron Power Seeker 21039 Telescope

As the summer begins, it is the best time to look forward and deep into the dark night sky. The sky will be clear and cloudless. This will be the best time to learn about space objects and stars. You can find constellations, evening and morning stars (Venus), the most aspiring Mars on the horizon. 

Since, most of the people around world like astronomy and astrophysics. And also childhood memories of moon and stars, the stories of our grandparents in night is unforgettable. So it the best time to re-call and realize the truth and reality with optical sky instruments.

Celestron Power Seeker 21039 Telescope

  • Provide erect images for sky observation
  • Quick and easy setup no adjustment
  • Fully coated glass optics with high transmission coatings
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • Has 5x24 finderscope
  • Has 118x magnification power

Buy this Telescope at Just Rs.4,144 Instead of Rs.7000 Summer Discount


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