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Sunday, March 3, 2019

NASA - SPACEX Collaborative Dragon Demo Mission

With collaboration of NASA, Spacex launched its first private crew demonstration spacecraft "Dragon". The launch was successful from the historic apollo launch pad on board Falcon 9 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

The launch took place as a part of Commercial Crew Program that established to design and test numerous infinite capabilities of new system. It will soon contribute the US nation in returning the astronauts and cosmonauts to moon as well as Mars (the new destination).

One of the most remarkable part of the space revolution is, the credit goes to the private firm SpaceX which established in 2002. Within 17 years it had reached a far distance in space and rocketry sciences due to its spontaneous hard work, dedication and sacrifice of spacex members.

The NASA is doing great with partnerships from private as well as public firms. Within few decades it is estimated that United States will soon reach Mars and will establish a beautiful colony there.

Platform to know more about Commercial Crew Program

Image Credit: NASA

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