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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Opportunity Rover Status Update 2019 - Mission Ends

Opportunity Rover        Image Credit: NASA
  • One of the longest Rover "Opportunity" fell silent.
  • 1000 of new commands sent to re-establish communication.
  • Achieved New Records and found drinkable water on Mars.
  • A New type of rock  "Hematite" discovered on red planet.
Longest operated robotic rover on any other planet "Opportunity Rover" fall silent after a severe Mars-dust storm blanketed the rover's solar panel avoiding power generation. That ultimately affected the communication with the ground controllers. Opportunity and its twin Spirit launched 15 years before and intended to characterize the sediments of rocks and soil for 90 days program. But the effective technology made the rover to survive and explore Mars for a period of 15 years.

After its silence, NASA's ground attempted nearly thousands of commands to woke the rover and establish communication that endured useless. NASA's Space Flight Operation facility at Jet Propulsion Laboratory received the last communication on 10 June 2018. During the operation on Mars, Opportunity had traveled nearly 45 kilometers exploring and imaging the red planet. However the mission end, it serve as a future path for future Mars lander or rover missions. 

Most of the raw images and colored images transmitted by Opportunity can be located at Official Opportunity Website. It had made a tremendous contribution to the society of Mars exploration mission and forthcoming Mars generation. 

Highlights of the Mission (Achievement)
  • Traveled around 45 kilometers on the surface
  • Returned 217,000 images 15 (360 degree panoramas)
  • Analyzed 52 rock samples and 72 additional samples
  • Found Hematite that forms water
  • Discovered drinkable water at Endeavor Crater 


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