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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Gaganyaan - Indian Manned Spaceflight

Human Class Mars Mission

  • After Spacex - ISRO planned to study and design prototype for vertical landing
  • ISRO aimed to make two stage vertical landing rockets
  • Vertical Landing Spaceship will be used for Gaganyaan Mission
  • Gaganyaan - First manned mission to the space
Gaganyaan - First Human misison of India

       ISRO announced to send humans by 2020-2022. The human class space mission was termed as "GAGANYAAN" and several research proposals and designs were collected from various research institutes around India that portrays the mission plan for human mission. Despite of having sufficient technologies, India aims to use the full mission in obtaining and gaining research objectives. 

    During the first orbital crew test, ISRO aims to send their indigenous robots (Artificial Intelligence) to do experiments like humans. The robots will have capability to do experiments like humans and can do all other activities of human. 

    In upcoming week, ISRO will assign and finalize the complete mission structure for the first human spaceflight. It has mobilized selection committee for deeper investigation and selection process of such mission proposals form various institutes of India. It has announced that within 2-3 weeks, Indian Space Research Organisation will finalize the mission.

Credit: ISRO


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