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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Open Contest to Design " Human Mars Settlement on Mars" by Mars Society

An image of open contest first page  Image : Mars Society

       Mars Society : United States, Mars Society had announced opportunity for worldwide contestants to "Design the First Human Settlement on Mars". The students and common people can take part as a single person or a group or organization in this competition. The plans and designs should be written within 20 pages in PDF format and submitted before 31 March 2019. 

     The points and awards will be granted based on the specific criterias. First three best papers and their authors will be invited to present their plans in front of Judges. Furthermore, best 20 papers will be published in website. For more information and guidelines visit The contest is open for all members worldwide and no one should write more than 20 pages in PDF format. 

About Mars Society:
      Mars Society was initiated by Dr.Robert Zubrin, formerly worked for NASA's Human Mars Mission popularly known as " Mars Direct" and "Mars Semi-Direct" of 1999. He was responsible for the invention of Mars Propellant Plant and many human Mars mission architectures. He was also famous for his best book " The Case for Mars - The plan to settle Red planet". After the rejection of Mars Direct concept by NASA due to financial estimation. He started this initiative for creating awareness about the "Human Mars Mission.

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