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Thursday, December 6, 2018

GSAT-11 Successful Launch - India's Heaviest Communication Satellite

GSAT-11 Launch from Kourou, French, Guiana on 05 December 2018
     India launched its heaviest communication satellite "GSAT-11" on 5 December 2018 from Kourou launch site, French, Guiana onboard Ariane-5 VA-246. The satellite weighing 5854 kilograms. It is the heaviest satellite ever built by ISRO scientists.

     GSAT-11 is considered as pioneer in series of advanced communication satellite covering areas of India and neighbour Islands. It will be playing vital role in providing broadband communications and to demonstrate new technological applications.

     After the launch, GSAT-11 was placed in Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit and the mission control and management was undertaken by Master Control Facility located at Hassan. They will control orbital raising manoeuvres in placing in a circular geostationary orbit. The satellite is expected to work for a period of 15 Years. It is capable of producing 13.6 kW of power from earth orbit.

Know More about GSAT-11 - ISRO

Image Credit : Indian Space Research Organisation


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