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Monday, September 10, 2018

Parker Solar Probe

Parker Solar Probe  Image Credit: NASA

      National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Parker Solar Probe mission will change the perspective view and understanding of the Sun, where major changing condition happens in outer sphere of sun propagate into solar system affecting our earth and planetary systems. It will be the first spacecraft to travel too closer to the Sun's atmosphere after MESSENGER spacecraft facing enormous heat and radiation condition. It will provide a closer view of nearest star to the observers.

     Parker Solar Probe is estimated to unlock all the mysteries of Sun, in order to achieve this intent, it will use Venus gravity assist to gradually travel near to the sun during seven days of flyby around Venus. It is estimated approach to sun is about 3.8 million miles ( within the orbit of Mercury) and seven times closer than any spacecraft has ever attempted.

     Parker Solar Probe was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force station on 12th August 2018 strapped with Delta IV-Heavy class launch vehicles. Now the spacecraft is in the trajectory phase to Sun. It will fly first into the outer part of the sun (Corona) and will start its experiments and imaging. The experimental result will help us to expand our knowledge about the origin and evolution of solar wind in sun's atmosphere. The winds affects the technological spacecrafts around earth and damage to life systems on Earth.

     Parker Solar Probe will perform extreme level scientific investigations and studies in a hazardous condition around the region where there is extreme heat and radiation. The spacecraft will fly close to the sun by crossing extreme sun's particles. Instruments will be protected from heat by a 4.5 inch thick carbon wall to maintain stable temperature and to perform investigations.

    Parker Solar Probe is a part of NASA's Living with a Star exploration  program and its operations were managed by Goddard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt. The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel is responsible for design and building of spacecraft and mission operation.

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Image Credit: NASA
Video Credit : NASA


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