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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Europa Report Full Movie

Cover photo of Europa Report Full Movie 2013
Movie Name    Europa Report
Release Date   27 June 2013
Country           United States
Duration          90 minutes (1 Hour 30 minutes 25 Seconds)
Movie Type     Drama | Mystery | Science-Fiction | Thriller
Director           Sebastian Cordero
Story Writer    Philip Gelatt
Production      Start Motion Pictures
Cast/ Starring Christian Camargo; Anamaria Marinca; Michael Nyqvist; Daniel Wu; Karolina           Wydra; Sharlto Copley; Embeth Davidtz; Dan Fogler; Isiah Whitlock

Story line:

     The world comes to know that "Europa" one of the moon of Saturn has water after the discovery by hundreds of scientists. Then, Private Space Agency funds and prepare for a human mission to Europa called Europa One

     The Crew members started their voyage to Europa while enjoying the views of Mars and Jupiter. They prevented their spaceship from Jupiter's huge gravity. Finally they reached Europa. The mission was to find "Is there any life behind the icy surface of Europa?". The mission continues, the very next day of the mission they found some creature hitting their probe under the ocean of Europa. 

     The different creature harmed all the crews one by one. Inspite of having trouble, all the crew members sacrificed their life to stay the mission active and send collected data to Earth. The different creature killed all the onboard crew members and melted water destroyed the whole spaceship.

     Finally, the mission agency announced that after having a continuous attempt to establish communication between us and Europa One, they got a single video clip showing a different kind of creature which killed all the crew members. And they stated never to make any attempt to go there and explore Europa. 

Scientific Views to Learn:

      This scientific views of this movie are
  • Production of Artificial gravity onboard Spaceship
  • Hazardous of Space and Planetary Radiations
  • Hazards of creatures and contaminations
  • Risk of careless space accidents
  • Danger of Jupiter's gravity to pull spaceship towards it.
  • Difficulty in lifting-off from planetary surface
  • To have biologist, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and mission controller for this kind of mission
  • Delay in transmission of signals ( Example: shutdown of cameras in this movie)
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