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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Discovery of Sub-Saturn Exoplanet around a Star

Planet size comparison of K2-236b and Earth
Sub-Saturn like Planet Discovery, India (PARAS Spectrograph).

Flash points:
  • Indian discovery of exoplanet named K2-236b.
  • Discovered by team of Dr.Abijit Chakraborthy.
  • Surrounds around EPIC 211945201 Star.
  • Precise measurements was made by PARAS Spectrograph.
  • Observation were made in Gurusikhar Observatory, Mount Abu, India.
  • It's mass is about 27-times mass of Earth.
  • It lies about 600 light years away from Earth
  • Surface temperature of the planet is about 600 degree Celsius.
  • Period of Revolution around star 19.5 days.
  • Period of discovery and confirmation 420 days (1.5 Years).
  • The Research article can be found at doi:10.3847/1538-3881/aac436
 Scientific Facts:

    The scientific team led by professor Abijit Chakraborthy of Ahmedabad Physical Research Laboratory discovered a sub-Saturn or super-Neptune size about 27 times the mass of Earth. The planet moves around the star in every 19.5 days. It is about 600 light years away from our earth. The discovery was made with a new kind of rare spectrograph in Asia called PARAS ( Physical Research Laboratory Advanced Radial Velocity Abu-Sky Search) which is about 1.2 m telescope in PRL's Gurusikhar Observatory located in Mount Abu, India.

      The surface temperature of the planet is about 600 degree Celsius measured by very sensitive instruments. The name of  the hot-star is EPIC 211945201 or K2-236. Initially, the source was found to be a planetary candidate from NASA K2 photometry, because it was transisting and lies between the star and the observer on the earth as it goes around the star and blocks tiny amount of light to reach earth.

     Using the spectrograph, its radii was about 6 times the Earth radii. The K2 photometric data was not sufficient to confirm the planetary nature of the planet. Therefore, independent measurement of the mass of the body was necessary for the discovery, which was made by PARAS spectrograph.

[1] ISRO (07-June-2018) " Discovery of Sub-Saturn Exoplanet around a Sun like Star" Indian Space Research Organisation. Retrieved from on 22-07-2018. 

Image Credit : ISRO | PARAS | Gurusikhar Observatory - India


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