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Friday, January 19, 2018

SBRIS-GEO-4 Mission launch

Atlas-V getting ready for launch in Cape Canaveral AFS

Mission Name      SBIRS-GEO-4
Launch Site         Cape Canaveral Air Force Station 
Launch Date        19 January 2018
Time in EST         19:48:00 EST
Launch Vehicle    Atlas V Version.411
Owner                   United Launch Alliance
Mission Type       Warning Satellite
Application          Warning Purpose

About Mission:

     SBIRS-GEO-4 is a early warning satellite,this will be launched under United Launch Alliance on Thursday at 19:48:00 European Standard Time. It is ULA's 75th launch. This satellite is fourth geostationary satellite which uses Space based infrared system to detect and track missile launches.


     This satellite is constructed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems . It carries two infrared sensors and a scanning sensor to detect smaller range missiles. This satellite has a mass of 4500 kilograms and it was planned to be in operational for about 12 year mission. SBIRS was a third geostationary satellite.

Cooperative Work:

     This SBIRS-GEO-4 satellite will join another three existing geostationary satellite for a cooperative work for the detection of missiles. Previous satellites were launched and deployed in May 2011, March 2013 and January 2017. And two more GEO Satellites were aimed to launch in 2020s.

SBIRS-GEO-4 Live Launch:


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