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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mars Colour Camera - Mangalyaan Updates

Volcanic Summits:
The image shows volcanic summits located in the Tharsis region . It covers volcanoes like the largest volcano in the solar system called Olympus Mons, Arisa mons, Pavonis mons and the Ascraeus mons. It was taken at a altitude of 42,433 km and the colour has been corrected by image processing centre at Indian Space Research Organisation. The cloud formation can be seen in the image shown by arrow marks.

Three linked craters:

The image shows Margaritifer quadrangle of Mars and it covers three craters. It was taken by Mars Colour Camera onboard payload of Mangalyaan spacecraft on 26 December 2016 from an altitude of 534 km.

Corporate Region:

 The image provides details of Terrain on the surface of Mars. It was taken by MCC on 23 November 2016 from an altitude of 564 km.

Tyrrhenum quadrangle:
The image shows Tyrrhenum quadrangle of Mars having a impact crater at bottom called Muller. The crater Muller is about 120 km wide. The image was taken on 15 March 2017 from an altitude of 2812 km.

Eridania quadrangle:

The image covers Eridania quadrangle of Mars showing Cimmerium of Mars at right and Muller crater in left in the southern hemisphere of areographic region. This image was taken on 15 March 2017 from an altitude of 3072 km. 


Text credit: Indian Space Research Organisation.
Image Source :
Image credit : Mars Colour Camera | Mangalyaan | ISRO


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