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Saturday, January 20, 2018


GSAT-17 Animated Image by ISRO

Geostationary satellite GSAT-17 is a India's latest communication satellite launched from Kourou, French Guiana. It was carried by Ariane-5 VA-238 rocket on 29 June 2017. It has onboard payload for better communication and it also has meteorological data relay satellite.

Payloads for communication:

  • Normal C-band
  • Extended C-band
  • S-band
GSAT-17 Launch from Ariane Flight Center
The satellite was transferred into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit. After its injection it master control was maintained by ISRO's Mater Control Facility located at Hassan. The satellite has a mass of 3477 kg with 15 years of extended mission life. It was designed and manufactured by Indian Space Research Organisation.

  GSAT-17 is the 21st satellite from ISRO. It is a current fleet of 17 operational telecom satellites. It has the capability to provide Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) in normal C-band and extended C-band. It also provide Mobile Satellite Services(MSS) in S-band and data relay and search & Rescue services in Ultra High Frequency.

Mission Overview:

  1. Launch Mass - 3477 kg
  2. Mission Life - 15 Years
  3. Rocket carried - Ariane-5 VA-238
  4. Satellite Type - Communication
  5. Manufacturer - ISRO
  6. Owner - ISRO
  7. Application - Communication
  8. Orbit Type - Geostationary Transfer Orbit
More Information:

GSAT-17 Launch Video from Ariane Space Flight Center, Kourou:


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