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Friday, December 15, 2017

Mars missions timeline


     Since earlier times scientists and explorers are very interested in exploring outer planets and in search for life beyond earth. when it comes to "make survival of human on other planet" the only possibility of life beyond earth on another planet is "Mars". It is because Mars lies after the habitable zone (i.e Earth) and it may provide suitable temperature for the formation of life on its surface. Recently, scientists have discovered the ice and water under the soil surface ( Curiosity Rover discovery). From 1960 to recent times, we have been exploring Mars by several missions. This mission includes orbiters, landers, rovers and penetrators. 


     An orbiter is a robotic spacecraft that explores another planet by orbiting around the planet in its trajectory. It operates by the command programmed by the scientists and further responses according to the commanding signal received from the earth station. It uses its solar panels to power and have several instruments to measure various parameters. 


     Similarly, a lander also a robotic spacecraft having arms and cameras, that comes to rest or lands on the surface of Mars. It performs various experiments as programmed by the scientists. It uses its arm to take and analyse the soil composition, its cameras used to image the surface and colour of the soil surface.


    A Rover is a moving spacecraft having wheels, example - curiosity rover. It moves on the surface of Mars and performs several experiments. It chooses different location to perform drill practices and soil analysis. It moves very slow as compared to the earth vehicles.

Mars Mission Timeline:


    • Mars 1M No.1
    • Mars 1M No.2
    • 2MV-4 No.1
    • 2MV-4 No.2
    • Mariner-3
    • Mariner-4
    • Zond-2
    • Mariner-6
    • Mariner-7
    • Mars-6
    • Mars-7


    • 2M No.521
    • 2M No.522
    • Mariner-8
    • Kosmos-419
    • Mars-2
    • Mars-3
    • Mariner-9
    • Mars-4
    • Mars-5
    • Viking-1-orbiter
    • Viking-2-orbiter
    • Phobos-1
    • Phobos-2
    • Mars Observer
    • Mars Global Surveyor
    • Mars-96
    • Nizomi
    • Mars Climate Orbiter
    • Mars Odyssey
    • Mars Express
    • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
    • Fobos-Grunt
    • Yinghuo-1
    • Mars Orbiter Mission
    • MAVEN
    • ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter

    • 2MV3-No.1
    • Mars-2 
    • Mars-3 
    • Mars-6 
    • Mars-7
    • Viking-2
    • Phobos-1
    • Phobos-2
    • Mars Pathfinder
    • Mars Polar Lander
    • Beagle-2
    • Phoenix
    • Schiaparelli

    • Mars-96
    • Deep Space-2

    • Prop-M-rover
    • Sojourner
    • Spirit
    • Opportunity
    • Curiosity

Gravity assist probes:-
    • Rosetta
    • Dawn

Active Mars Missions:
    • Mars Odyssey
    • Mars Express
    • Opportunity Rover
    • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
    • Curiosity Rover
    • Mars Orbiter Mission
    • MAVEN
    • ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter


     Out of several missions, only 8 missions are currently active in exploring Mars. Curiosity rover discoveries changes the view of Mars since its launch. Space agencies have many future proposals for mars missions. One of the space agency called space-x is currently working on Human Mars Mission which is a part of Making Life Multiplanetary. 


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