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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sand Flow on Mars - MRO Updates

Sand Flow On Mars:

     Previously scientists reported that the sign of flow may be the presence of water in the past, but it is confirmed that the flow is just sand. The sand flows from top of the hill towards down. New Image from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveals the flow of sand. The finding is published in the Journal of Nature Geo-Science Argue against the presence of enough liquid water for microbial life to thrive at these sites. Reporters propose the possibilities like the presence of small amount of water, indicated by the detection of hydrated salts at some of the flows.

More Information ---- Sand Flow on Mars

  Currently, there are eight missions active in exploring Mars. They are

  1. ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter
  2. MAVEN
  3. Mars Orbiter Mission - Mangalyaan
  4. Curiosity Rover
  5. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
  6. Opportunity Rover
  7. Mars Express
  8. Mars Odyssey

   Of these missions, Curiosity Rover & Opportunity Rover are deeply analyzing the soil of Mars by drilling and testing practices on the Martian Surface. Here are some of links which can help you to get raw images of Curiosity and Opportunity Rover

Curiosity Rover Website     -


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