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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Challenge

      Interaction of NASA with public is very well. We already know some of the opportunities and public relations like Send name to Mars by Curiosity and Insight Landers. Logo Designs, Name selection, Poster Presentations etc,...\

      Here is another opportunity for Kids, Students, Educators and all publics to interact with scientists of NASA's Mars Program. This Participation known as High Resolution Imaging Experiment. Register and Log in to your account. Then Help Scientists to decide a  place to take photograph by using their Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. 

Options in HiRISE:

  • Mars for Kids
  • Mars for Students
  • Mars for Educators
  • Send Postcard to Spirit
  • Be a Martian
  • Mars Exploration Student Data Teams
  • High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Challenge
Steps for Participation:

  • Visit -
  • Click Register
  • Create Account
  • Verify Account by E-Mail
  • Change Password
  • Log-In into HiRISE
  • Participate in the Challenge
About HiRISE:

     HiRISE is an instrument installed in Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which is currently active in exploring Mars Surface. So the scientists had created a open platform to interact and find discoveries on surface of Mars. In this platform, you need to create a new suggestion for taking photographs with relevant information.


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