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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cancri-55 Super Earth

Super-earth Cancri-55:

     A new exoplanet called Super-Earth 55 Cancri which is twice as big as Earth, the planet is thought to have lava flows on its surface. Data from National Aeronautics Space Administration's Spitzer Space Telescope revealed that the planet have stable day and night sides. One side of the planet is faced to the Sun and it is very close to its star. Scientists speculated that lava would flow freely in lakes on the starlit side and solidified on the face. These solidified lava reflects radiation from its sun and overall temperature observed from the sun. After a deep analysis, scientists predict that the planet Cancri may have atmosphere like earth, but they are very thick. Some high point of lava is directly linked to the space making a hotspot where the temperature is very much high. 

After analysis of lava flow on the planet, Scientists Renyu Hu published a paper in The Astronomical Journal. To know more about this planet. Click here.

Exo-planet Cancri-55 Details:

Name of the planet : Cancri-55
Type of planet : Exoplanet
Temperature : 2400 degrees to 2600 degrees
Atmosphere Composition : Nitrogen | Water | Oxygen  (Predicted)
Observation Period : 15th June 2013 to 15th July 2013
Observed by : NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

More Information:

Official Website - Spitzer Space Telescope -
NASA Spitzer Space Telescope -


The Astronomical Journal -
Photo Credit : Artists of NASA
Text Credit : Elizabeth Landau | NASA
News Published Date : 17th November 2017


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