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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Abell's Richest Cluster - Abell 665

     Hubble Space Telescope is a collaborative mission between NASA and ESA. It has changed the view of universe since its launch. It had made wonderful discoveries by its magnificent view of the universe. Here is one of the view of Hubble discovery called Abell's Richest Cluster.

     As of many theories, one of the leading theory in modern astrophysics is Hierarchial Clustering, where a small pieces of black matters collide and merge to form a large glowing clusters. The largest known structure in the universe is cosmos. We have seen many discoveries such as Galaxies, Star clusters, Supernovas, Black holes and Super clusters. Of these discoveries, a particular cluster called Abell 665. It was imaged by Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera-3.

Details of Abell 665 Cluster:

Name of the Cluster - Abell 665 cluster
Discoverer                - George O.Abell 
Year of Discovery     - 1958
Location in the Sky   - Ursa Major
Imaged taken by       - Wide Field Camera - 3 of Hubble Space Telescope
NASA's Information about Abell 665 Cluster:

   Abell 665 is the only special cluster in the entire catalogue of Abell to be given the richness class of 5, indicating that the cluster contains a galaxies on 300 individual galaxy. Because of this richness, the cluster has been studied by NASA in all wavelengths. This resulted in the numerous discovery. Abell 665 has been found to host a giant radio halo, powerful shock waves, and has been used to calculate an updates value for the Hubble constant.

Credits: ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope
Text & Details from : European Space Agency


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