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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Venus Facts


     Venus is the second planet of our solar system and the third brightest object in the Earth's sky after the Sun and the Moon. It is referred as the sister planet of Earth because of the similar size and mass. The atmosphere of Venus is fully covered with Sulphuric acid clouds. It was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the second largest terrestrial planet.

Facts of the Planet Venus:
  • Venus is the second brightest natural object in night sky
  • Venus is referred to as "Morning Star & Evening Star"
  • One day on the Venus is longer than One Year on our Earth - It takes 243 Days for Rotation
  • Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of "Love and Beauty"
  • Venus is called the Sister planet of Earth - Due to similar mass and size of Earth.
  • Venus has No Moons and No Rings
  • Over Billions of Years ago the Climate of Venus is similar to the Earth.
  • Venus rotates opposite direction as compared to all other planets
  • Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system - Temperature ranging from 462 degree Celsius
  • The Temperature does not vary between day and night
  • The age of Venus is about 300-400 million years old (estimated)
  • The atmospheric pressure of Venus is about 92 times stronger than our Earth
  • Its Magnetic Field is very weak as compared to Earth
  • The only planet in our solar system named after the Female figure.
  • Venus is about 41 million kilometers away from our Earth
  • It orbiting path sometimes like a circle and sometime ellipse.
  • The Planet Venus was first recorded in 14th Century by Babylonian Astronomers 
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