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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Send Your Name to Mars

     NASA have a very good interaction with public since its development. It interacts with peoples, students and kids through various aspects. It provide various platform and opportunities to students to perform their best contributions.

     Previously before the launch of NASA's Amazing Curiosity Rover to Mars. It had a open platform to register their names and send it to Mars. Millions of people from various regions registered their names through online platform. All the names were programmed in a small chip and mounted on the curiosity rover. After the successful landing, Curiosity Rover wrote all the programmed names on the surface of the rock.

    Now, we got another opportunity to send our names to Mars, NASA is going to launch its next Insight Lander to Mars, the same programme of name registering was open now online. Visit the website Enter your First Name ; Last Name ; Country ; Postal Code and mail address, then get your boarding pass...

To register and send your name to Mars Click :


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