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Monday, September 18, 2017

Studsat Satellite


     Student Satellite (STUDSAT) is the first pico-satellite developed in the Karnataka by a consortium of seven engineering colleges from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. STUDSAT weighing less than 1kg, has the primary objective of promoting space technology in educational institutions and encourage research and development in miniaturized satellites, establishing a communication link between the satellite and ground station, capturing the image of earth with a resolution of 90 meters and transmitting the payload and telemetry data to the earth.

Studsat Collaboration:

   This studsat was developed by seven engineering colleges from Hyderabad and Bangalore which are bounded by MOU. They are

  1. Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology - Bangalore
  2. M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology - Bangalore
  3. Rashtreeya Vidhyalaya College of Engineering - Bangalore
  4. BMS Institute of Technology - Bangalore
  5. Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology - Hyderabad
  6. Institute of Aeronautical Engineering - Hyderabad
  7. RNS Institute of Technology - Bangalore


   The Studsat consists of the following sub-systems...
  • Communication subsystem
  • Power generation and distribution sub-system
  • Attitude Determination and Control sub-system
  • On Board Command and Data Handling
  • Payload (Camera)
  • Mechanical Structure


     The Studsat was launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on 12th July 2010. And it was carried by PSLV-C15 ( Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). The student team was led by Dr.Jharna Majumdar, who served as project coordinator.


     The team has presented paper on Student Satellite in an International Astronautical Congress, 2008 which was held in Glasgow, Scotland. The team won Hans Von Muldau Award, the best team project was awarded by International Astronautical Federation.The team has also done a National Record (INDIA) by entering into LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS-2011 Edition for creating the smallest Indian Satellite.

More Information:

Student Satellite - Official Webpage STUDSAT

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