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Monday, August 21, 2017

Pratham Satellite


     The IIT Bombay Student Satellite Project is a landmark project taken up by IIT Bombay Students. The Objective of this project is to make IIT Bombay a respected centre for advancement in satellite and space technology that is being developed in the institute and also a method for space qualification.

Pratham is the first satellite under this project. The plan was to build a fully functional microsatellite which would then be launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). This is entirely a student initiative with mentorship provided by ISRO scientists and IIT Bombay Faculty.  The satellite will fit in a 30.5cmx33.5cmx46.6cmx46.6cm cube and will weigh 10.15kg excluding FE Ring.

    For the revelance of our satellite to the student community, we will be transmitting satellite data when the satellite passes over India so that any interested university with a small ground station will not only be able to detect the beacon signal fromour satellite but will also be able to measure TEC above their ground station. This is proposed to spread awareness among the student community about this exciting field. The Pratham Project presents a wonderful learning experience to the students of working on a real life multi-disciplinary complex system. A lot of importance is attached to learning, this is evident from the success criterion.


     The Ham community is very critical to the success of any satellite working in the amateur band. We are also looking forward to hearing from Hams around the world for beacon and telementry reports.


Telementry Frequency  : 437.455 MHz
Telementry Modulation : FSK.AX.25
Telementry Data Rate   : 1200 bps
Telementry EIRP         : 18 dbm
Telementry Region transmitted over : India and France

Beacon Frequency  : 145.98 MHz
Beacon Modulation : CW Morse code
Beacon Data rate    : 35 wpm
Beacon EIRP         : 23 dbm
Beacon Region transmitted over : Whole world


     To estimate Total Electron Count (TEC) over India and Paris with a resolution of 1kmx1km location grid.


     Two monopole antennas transmitting at 145.98 MHz and 437.45 MHz

  •  Global Positioning System
  • Magnetometer
  • Sun-Sensors
  • Magnetoquers
Launch Mass      : 10kgLaunch Vehicle : PSLV-C35
Type of Satellite : Student
Manufacturer      : ISRO
Owner                  : ISRO


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