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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fornax Dwarf Galaxy

Fornax Dwarf Galaxy in constellation of Fornax
Fornax Dwarf is an elliptical dwarf galaxy which is located in the constellation of Fornax and this galaxy was first discovered in 1938 by Harlow Shapley. He discovered it while he was in work on a project in South Africa, photograph was taken in Bruce refractor at Boyden Observatory shortly after he discovered the Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy.

This galaxy is a satellite of the Milky way and contains six most globular clusters and the largest NGC 1049 was discovered before the galaxy itself. The galaxy also receding from the Milkyway at 53 km/s. It mostly contains population II Stars.

Scientists derived a color magnitude diagram of Fornax 4, a globular cluster using the image from Hubble Space Telescope within this galaxy. Fornax globular clusters have Fornax 1,2,3 and 5 are horizontal branches. Fornax-4 is also 3 Gyr younger than other globular clusters.


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