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Monday, July 3, 2017


Viking-2 Orbiter (One of the mission of Viking Program)
    Viking-2 Orbiter is a part of Viking Program and similar to Viking-1-Program  sent to Mars.This mission consist of a Orbiter and a Lander. It was the second landing on the surface of Mars.Viking-2 was launched on 9 September 1975 carried by Titan IIIE Rocket with a launch mass of 1455 kilogram.


     Viking-2 Orbiter started to beam images of Mars after the successful orbital insertion on 7 August 1976. The lander separated from the orbiter on 3 September 1976 and landed at Utopia Planitia.


  • It created an idea for Huge water on Mars
  • River Valleys were found in many areas on the surface of Mars
  • It discovered flow of water in carved deep valleys, eroded grooves, cracks of bed-rock
  • It found Ravi Vallis which formed from catastropic floods came from ground.
  • After analysing soil it found the presence of magnesium, aluminium, sulphur, calcium, titanium, strontium and yttrium.
  • These minerals were the products of Igneous rocks 
    • VIKING-2 BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT: It consist of instruments like
        • Pyrolytic Release Experiment
        • Labeled Release Experiment
        • Gas Exchange Experiment
        • Gas Chromatograph 
        • Mass Spectrometer
    • Scientists found that Viking Program gave positive results to the search of life, but still it is not confirmed


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