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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mercury Facts

Mercury Facts:
  •  Mercury has highest number of creators and impact marks than other planet
    • The creators in Mercury are not active to heal from surface impact created by asteroids and comets
    • Its surface structure is closely similar to the surface of Moon
    • Larger creator is called Basin whose diameter is more than 250 km.
    • Mariner-10 spacecraft discovered the largest basin 'Caloris Basin' on Mercury which is about 1550 km in diameter
  • Mercury has weak magnetic field
    • Mercury planet has very weak magnetic which is about 1% of magnetic field of Earth.
  • Man made object which visited Mercury
    •  Due to high temperature and closer distance to sun, it is difficult to reach Mercury
    • Mariner-10 of NASA visited Mercury during 1974 flyby, after traveling a distance of 91 million kilometers
    • Messenger spacecraft also visited Mercury which was launched in 2004
    • Bepi-Colombo  of European Space Agency is aimed to launch in the next window
  • Mercury has very thin atmosphere
    • Due to the weak gravitational field, it was unable to withhold its atmosphere. So that it continuously blown away into the space.
  • Mercury has outer shell which is about 500-600 km
  • Its Orbit helped Albert Einstein to prove "General Theory of Relativity"
  • Mercury has large iron core about 1800-1900 km thick.
  • It is the only planet in the solar system which improperly rotating around Sun every year. (2-3 times).
  • Mercury is the second hottest planet in the solar system and has no seasonal changes.The night time temperature is about -770 degree Celsius and 430 degree Celsius in daytime.
  • Due to low gravity and lack of atmosphere, it has no moons and rings.
  • The Mercury was considered as planet only after the publication of paper "Sun centered model of the Solar system" in 1543 A.D.
  • Mercury is named after the Roman God of Messenger.
  • Mercury is the second dense planet after the Earth and the smallest planet in Our Solar System with a diameter of 4,879 km.
  • Mercury is one of the five visible planet to our naked eye (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).
  • Mercury orbits quickly around the sun (2-3 times) so that it appears morning as well as in the evening.
  • One year in Mercury = 88 days | One Mercury day = 176 Earth days
  • Mercury was known to human race since 3000 B.C. 


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