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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hubble Spotted Clumps of New Stars

Clumps of New Star | Image Credit : NASA Hubble Space Telescope
     This image reveals the formation of new stars in galaxy which are spinning each other at a distance of 200 to 300 light year away from Earth. Hubble Space Telescope team were trying to understand the formation of universe with its galaxies and planets. The study of Evolution of universe is a mystery, but still scientists ding their best to understand since decades. Hubble images make the galaxy to shrink to a small size due to its far distance. Shrinking of images hide much details about sky objects. The above image is filtered with modern technologies to achieve image at a greater resolution and this image is 10 times better image than hubble can't achieve itself.

Gravitational lens are very much useful in this case or anything like this. Scientists predict that this galaxy had formed 2.7 billion years after the big bang. Other telescopes will image the red stars like James Webb space telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope, Kepler Space Telescope and some ground based observatories. Ground based observatories do not have imaging capability at such a distance defeating the bad weather.

The image of this clumps of new stars was taken and processed with several technologies and the distortion of gravitational lens was removed with programming codes.


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