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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chemical Compound in Saturn | Possibility of Life

Scientists of Nasa have detected the presence of chemical called "Acrylonitrile" in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon "Titan" that could form 'Membranes'.

On Earth, acrylonitrile is useful in the manufacture of plastics. Scientists predict that under the harsh condition in Titan's atmosphere,the compound is capable of producing stable, flexible structures that are similar to the cell membranes. This chemical compound was previously detected in the Saturn's moon 'Titan' but the capability of producing cell-membranes was not informed. Acrylonitrile is also called Vinyl cyanide.

Researchers have identified the chemical fingerprint through the Titan data collected by Atacama Large Millimeter or Sub-millimeter Array located in Chile. They found this chemical compound in the stratosphere of Titan moon and it gives brownish-orange colour to the atmosphere.

Image Credit: Cassini Spacecraft NASA/JPL 

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