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Friday, June 9, 2017

Symbiotic Star Spotted in Chandra-X Ray

     Astronomers spotted a symbiotic star ( Symbiotic = two organisms live together with interactions). One of the best symbiotic star is known as R Aquarii which is located at a distance of 710 light years away from the Earth. First it was noticed with naked eye almost thousand years ago with its changes in brightness characteristics. R Aquarii consists of two stars one red and white. NASA's Astronomers are gaining better understanding about these stars with the images from Chandra-X Ray Observatory and other telescopes. They are trying to understand the close stellar relationship between this two stars.

In few billion years, our Sun will turn into a red giant and will exhaust hydrogen fuel from its outer surface and become a cool dwarf. Its pulse rate and periods will be 10 to 1000 days, but R Aquarii is similar to Star Mir, and its pulse rate is 250.The white dwarf has the surface temperature 20,000k and the red dwarf has 3000k. Astronomers predict that the outer ring of the star may be formed due to an supernova explosion in 1073

The release of energy from this star will blows off the outer layer by an asymmetric supernova explosion and it will move with a velocity of ten million miles per hour.Chandra-X Ray was launched in 1999, after its launch it began its observation on R Aquarii.

Credit: NASA/CXC/SAO/R Montez et al, Optical Adam Block/Mt. Lemmon Skycenter, Arizona. Read more from Chandra-X Ray Observatory.


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