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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Catalog of Exoplanets by Kepler Space Telescope

     Team of NASA's Kepler Space Telescope team has released a catalog containing 219 new planets, 10 of which are Earth seized orbiting the star in the habitable zone.This is a detailed catalog containing many exoplanets outside our solar system. It is also a final spacecraft view of constellation Cygnus.

NASA's Exoplanet Archive contains 4,034 planets identified by Kepler Space Telescope and 2,335 planets are verified exoplanets. 50 planets were lie in the habitable zone. One of the most amazing discovery of Kepler Space Telescope is TRAPPIST-1 system and its seven Earth seized planets.

Assemble Line of Exoplanets discovered by Kepler Space Telescope
Exoplanet Missions of NASA

Exoplanet Populations Chart

Kepler New Planet Candidates

Planets which lie in the Habitable Zone by Kepler Space Telescope of NASA

 Image Credit : Kepler Space Telescope
Catalog Credit: NASA Kepler Team

More Information on Kepler Catalog release at Kepler Catalog Release


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