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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


     Hayabusa-2 Mission to Asteroid to clarify the origin and evolution of Solar System as well as life in our universe.This spacecraft is also known as "Asteroid Explorer" which is the creation of several new technologies. Hayabusa-2 is a successor of Hayabusa (MUSES-C). It will target C-Type asteroid Ryugu to study the origin and evolution of Solar system as materials for life by leveraging the experience acquired from the Hayabusa mission. It was launched on 3 December 2014 and aimed to arrive the C-type asteroid in mid of 2018. It will do its observations till 2019 and will return to Earth around the end of 2020.

Major Onboard Instruments:
  • Electric propulsion system (ion engine)
  • Sample Mechanism
  • Target markers
  • Re-entry Capsule
Mission Instruments:
  • Small Carry-on Impactor
  • Near Infrared Sprectrometer
  • Thermal Infrared Imager
  • Small Rovers [MINERVA-II-1 and MINERVA-II-2]
  • Small Lander [MASCOT] 


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