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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cyclone in Jupiter

 Jupiter's Polar cyclones producing auroras, this image was taken by Juno spacecraft of NASA. Juno was sent to study Jupiter's atmosphere, auroras, storms, and both poles. It takes a long time to carry a research on Jupiter. Juno entered Jupiter's orbit on 4 July 2016, and the primary aim is understand the evolution of Jupiter and the reason for the strong magnetic field. It continuously monitors the polar storms in polar regions. It makes a close flyby once in every 53 days.The next close flyby is on 11 July 2017, and it will fly across most iconic features in our entire solar system. Image Shows that, the cyclones have been formed by the large ammonia gas moving and crashing each other. Glowing North Pole of Jupiter is looking like bright Auroras.


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