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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ultrafast Black Hole

   Scientists from Michael Parker institute of Astronomy , Cambridge found an ultrafast wind flowing from the vicinity of a blackhole at nearly quarter of the speed of light.
Outflowing of gas is the common feature of supermassive black holes that reside in the centre of the galaxies. They have massive gas which is million or billion times larger than the sun. This ultra-fast black hole feed out the surrounding gases and stars supressing the birth of new stars. Space telescope saw this bright emmission, including Xrays from the innermost part of the disc around that black hole.

    These winds are an important characteristics to study, because it has strong influence on regulating the growth of host galaxies. These ultrafast blackhole has been found by European Space Agency's XMM Newton and NASA  Nustar telescopes. Scientists found this galaxy named or identified as IRAS-13224-3809. The velocity of gases in this Blackhole is around 71000 km/s. 0.24 times the speed of the light which is 300000 km/s.
   They took this image after focusing for a period of 17 days straight revealing the variable nature of winds. After a long observation campaign, they have seen the changes such as increase in temperature of winds and greater X-ray emission from the disc right next to the black hole. It will help us to  understand that how black hole winds get launched and accelerated, how moderate star formed in the host galaxy.


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