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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mariner 6

 Mariner 6 is the second successful flyby of Mars by National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA. It was launched on 25th February of 1969 at 01.29.02 UTC from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The Prime aim of this mission to analyse the atmosphere and surface of Mars.


       On 25th February 1969, Atlas SLV-3D Centaur-D1A Rocket carried Mariner 6 to its destination. This spacecraft.was manufactured by Jet Propulsion Laboratory of California Institute of Technology. After its Launch it was controlled by NASA tracking station.


1. Infrared Spectrometer
2. Two channel IR Radiometer Mars Surface Temperature
3. Ultra-violet Spectrometer
4. S-band Occultation
5. Thermal control flux monitor
6. Mars Television Camera
7. Celestial Mechanics
8. General Relativity


1) The body of Mariner 6 was made with Magnesium Frame
2) Four solar panels produced 449 watt power for spacecraft
3) Communication were made with high gain parabolic antenna.
4) And through Omnidirectional low gain Antenna using S-band travelling tube amplifiers.
5) It was tracked by Canopus Tracker and a Star Canopus
6) Spacecraft position were adjusted with newton rocket motor with hydrazine fuel
7) Photovoltaic cells produced 800 watt of power near Earth and 449 watt after reaching Mars
8) It had a mounted 1200 watt Silver-Zinc Battery for power backup.
9) An Analog tape recorder of 195 million bits installed to collect data.
10) It had a capacity to perform 53 direct commands, 5 control commands and 4 quantitative commands.


     It flew over northern and southern region of Mars, and took photograph of northern giant volcanoes and a grand canyon. Later it found creators and canals. Totally it took 201 photographs and transmitted back to Earth. It gave much details ever than all earlier missions. It also studied the atmosphere of Mars.


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