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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mars 1 Flyby

Spacecraft Details:-

Name                         : Mars 1
Launch                     : 1 November 1962
Owner                      : Russia
Rocket                     : Molniya
Type                         : Probe / Flyby
Closest approach : 19 June 1963 

                          Mars 1 also known as 1962 Beta No.1 Mars2MV-4 and Sputnik-23. It was launched on 1 November of 1962 as a part of Soviet Mars Programme with intent flyby of Mars at 11,000 Km. 

          It was aimed to take image of Martian Surface and send back Cosmic data to the earth. It also designed to study the Mars Magnetic field, Mars Radiation Environment, Atmosphere structure and possible organic compunds.
Mission Status:-

          After leaving the earth Low Earth Orbit rocket Molniya's fourth stage separated and solar panel was deployed. Early telementry indicated that there was leak in one of the gas valve in the orientation system. So that the spacecraft transferred to gyroscopic stabilization. Later using Sixty One radio transmitters large amount of data were collected.

Causes for Failure:

             On 21st March 1963, the spacecraft is 106,760,000 km from the earth and on the way to Mars, thereafter the communication between Mars 1 and Telementry ceased,  probably due to the failure of spacecrafts antenna orientation system.
Scientific Results from Mars-1:
  1. It recorded one of the micrometeorite outside Earth.
  2. Magnetic field intensities of 3-4 nano teslas were detected.
  3. Solar wind was detected.
  4. Radiation Zone around the Earth was detected.          

               In later period Soviet Union published Mars 1 Stamp to remember the spacecraft. It was the spacecraft which lost its contact before flyby and it was close to Mars at a distance of 193,000 km.


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