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Friday, February 10, 2017

Mariner 3

Name            :Mariner 3
Launch         :05 November 1964
Rocket  Atlas: LV-3 Agenda D
Launch site  :Cape Canaveral
Last Contact : 6 November 1964

Mission Overview:-

           Mariner 3 was launched in 5 November of 1964. It was aimed to flyby around mars and conduct interplanetary experiments along way. Soon after its launch, the shroud encasing the spacecraft at top of rocket failed to open properly which results in the mission unsuccessful.

     Three weeks later Mariner 4 was successfully launched. And after eight month of journey to the Red planet, it collected the first closeup photograph of other planet.

Causes for failure of Spacecraft:-

     After one hour of launch transmission was received indicating the functioning of the instrument, but there is no indication of Solar panel functioning which results in the power failure. Battery dead and the spacecraft ran out of power.. ( spacecraft failure )

Instruments Carried:-

  1. Imaging system
  2. Magnetometer
  3. Plasma Probe
  4. Cosmic ray telescope
  5. Trapped Radiation detector
  6. Cosmic Ray Ionization
  7. Cosmic Dust Detector


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