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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mars 2M Flyby

Name              : Mars 2M Flyby
Launch date    : 14 October 1960
Operator          : Russia
Type                : Flyby
Carrier Rocket  : Molniya
Mission status   : Failure

Mission Description :-

      Mars 2M Flyby otherwise called Mars 1M No.2 designated as Mars 1960B by NASA analyst. It was launched as a part of Soviet Unions Mars Programme after four days of sister launch Mars 1M Flyby which lost in launch failure in 1960.

Mission Objective:-

         Mars 2M was aimed to perform flyby of Mars, but it was destroyed after its Molniya carrier rocket failed to achieve orbit.

Causes for failure of Spacecraft:-

         During preparation of launch, an oxidizer leak in the second stage caused liquid oxygen at cryogenic temperature, to spill around the engine's fuel inlet valve which made the rocket unable to ignite. As a result spacecraft failed to achieve earth's orbit.


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