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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mars 1M Flyby


                                First Step to Mars Ever  

Spacecraft Description:-
Name                            : Mars 1M Flyby
Launch                       : 10 Oct 1960
Type of Spacecraft    : Flyby
Mission Status        : Mission failure
Carrier Rocket       : Molniya
Power Source       : Silver-Zinc Batteries

                The Mars 1M Flyby otherwise called Mars IM No.1 which is designated as Mars 1960A by NASA. It was the first attempt to launch as a part of Soviet Union's programme to Study Mars.

  Mission Objective:-  

                     The main objective of Mars 1M Flyby is to study the space between the Earth and Mars. And to take the Surface image of Mars. Another objective of this mission is to test the radio communication systems from Mars to Earth.

Instruments Carried:-
  1. Magnetometer
  2. Cosmic ray Counter
  3. Plasma ion Trap
  4. Radiometer
  5. Micrometeorite detector
  6. Spectroreflectometer
  7. Photo television Camera                                                  
 Mission Status:-

                  The Mars IM Flyby failed to orbit because of launch failure carried by Molniya Rocket on 10th October 1960. 


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